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QUEBEC, CANADAEarth Alive introduces RapidAll, an all-in-one janitorial and sanitation cleaning solution that does not harm humans, animals or the environment and is certified NSF Class A1, CFIA in Canada, SCAQM, and LeapingBunny.

The products ingredients include a natural nutrient substrate which acts as a microbial carrier and contains a strong natural surfactant capable of replacing extreme high and low pH products.

The unique characteristics of the substrate is that it allows it to effectively clean almost any surface, while providing for a remediation of organic materials trapped in surface cracks such as grout or tiles. Through repetitive applications, an increasing number of microbes are released into the surface cracks, allowing for constant digestion of organic materials that cause discoloration and odors.

RapidAll will do what traditionally harmful and dangerous acidic chemicals can do, such as heavy duty degreasing. It is exempt from all certifications such as OSHA, SARA Title III, CE MARK, WHMIS, HAZMAT, etc. and meets the LEED-EB (Green Building Rating System for Existing Buildings, Upgrades, Operations & Maintenance. It leaves skin soft, not dry, as if hand lotion were applied. It also eliminates stinky mop floor smell while cleaning grout lines as a rinse-free floor cleaner. At any dilution, it will not harm the surface or operator. It uses cool tap water, not hot, to clean.

The Boston-based Green Restaurant Assn. just announced that it has endorsed all Earth Alive cleaning products. Earth Alive is the first cleaning product company the organization has endorsed.
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