Sell All-in-One LCD PC Desktop

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Quataris Tech/TrendDivision/China Wsecurity is introducing the real ALL IN ONE PC. No more cases/boxes. just your LCD MONITOR, your keyboard and your mouse (also wireless) .

WHY?: the ALL IN ONE PC cuts the case/box. All the computer components are well integrated in the back of the TFT LCD monitor. This lets you save a lot of space on your desk and less wires.

Is it suitable for me?: the ALL IN ONE PC is suitable for everyone who wants to have something easy to move, that attracts less dust but that is in the same time powerful and upgradable. It really fits any offices, governament offices, professional studios as well as home desks.

Where are all the connections? In the back of the monitor all the plugs and inlets are well mounted and for an easy access. You don't have to bend yourself anymore or lay on the ground to plug in a microphone or to plug your digital camera into the USB ports.

If you want to introduce this new jewel of the IT into your market, please contact us.

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