One Time Sell All-in-one GPS/GSM tracking solution with tracking software and map

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The M2 is a complete GPS tracking system based on a PC. It includes the GPS / GSM tracking main unit, PC based tracking software, MapPoint map or Google Earth map for worldwide areas, it gives you a turnkey solution to build your own independent GPS monitoring center even without the expensive server and web-based software.

Most Advantages:
--Track and control your targets using just a PC, Laptop, or PDA.
--Real time tracking, location show on MapPoint map or Google Earth map, show location, time, speed, geofence.
--Can use to track personal, vehicles, assets, animal, equipment, etc.
--If track vehicles, it shows vehicle status (ACC, door, temperature, alarms) ; Geofence; Control vehicles with 3 options: By clicking the onscreen control software, mobile phone, or RF remotes. Control features: Cut engine, lock / unlcok doors, hood, trunk, anti-carjacking, panic, Full car alarm features with RF remote control; Voice communication & voice monitoring to in-vehicle; etc;
--Ideal for domestic or commercial use; Can be used on a notebook computer effectively giving you a mobile monitoring centre.
--Mobile phone as another tracking and control tool;
--Feature setup by PC software or by SMS;
--Easy to set up and operate.
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