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Keep a socket in your pocket. Unlimited Power Supply for Your Cell Phone. . . Anywhere!
This award-winning, innovative product takes 'on the go' cell phone charging and makes it simple and sustainable. First, instead of buying wind up chargers, and disposable chargers, the concept is simple. You pop in one AA battery, hook the cable to your cell phone, and All-purpose Charger will convert the energy in the battery into power for your cell phone with no electrical outlet needed. Since you can find AA batteries all over the world, it's easy to throw this in a bag or in your glove compartment and charge up your cell phone or extend your talk time during an important call.
All-purpose Charger is the first reusable cell charger that makes sense. Take All-purpose Charger anywhere for up to 3 extra hours of talk time. Talk as long as you want and enjoy your mobile phone features guilt-free. No more need to cut calls shortyoull still have power when you need it. Gain constant access to the wireless world! This product is 100% reliable, mobile and safe. It works on a regular AA battery available anywhere in the world. Start Talking as soon as you plug it into your phone! An important accessory for the whole family
The problem of dying cell phone batteries has been addressed in the past with cumbersome and inefficient solutions. Disposable chargers and units using three or four batteries have offered less than one hour of talk time. For a fraction of the battery power, All-purpose Charger is able to offer far more talk and charge time, utilizing 87% battery efficiency. A rechargeable battery may also be used for maximum savings and a higher quality battery increases performance.
How it work
1. Load a single AA battery (included) into the E-Charge and a small, red light will begin flashing.
2. Connect your phone-specific connector to the flashing unit.
3. Connect your phone to the connector - all 4 connectors are included with each unit.
4. Your phone indicates that it is charging.
1) Truly wireless battery charger for mobile electronics
2) Ideal to use as a travel charger, thus eliminating the need to carry to bulky
device chargers
3) Uses one replaceable AA battery
4) A safe stream of power to charge cell phones and shuffles
5) Up to 3 extra hours of talk time
6) Up to 90 hours of standby time
7) Aluminum body
8) Chooses phone connector (please kindly tell us which type of phone do you
need to fit with our charger)
9) Charging current: 300mA maximum (varies with usage conditions)
10) Adds up to 240mAh to devices battery per AA battery
11) Typical efficiency: 87%
12) Automatically starting up when current is drawn at the output (upon connection
to device)
13) Open-circuit output voltage: 5.7V
14) One indicator LED light (when is in charging, the LED is in red color; when
the 1.5V batteries is in weak power, the LED is flashing)
15) Uses: Cell phone, DC, DV, MP3, MP4, etc.