Sell All-purpose magic saw

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Whichever direction, materials, shape you want to cut it and it can be done very easily with this saw.


- All- purpose Magic Saw can cut nonferrous metal and wooden workpieces into circles or the shape of any character.
- Moreover it cuts even glass and tiles with a tool tip attached to the saw support.
- The scroll saw blade of all-purpose Magic Saw can be adjusted and installed in 3 directions ( bottom, right & left)
thus permitting easier cutting of various shapes such as characters.
- Specially designed to allow installation of a flat saw blade on the handle body to cut in both directions
Magic Saw can easily cut plywood or wooden material on a wall and is applicable to various uses.

(Cutting item)

aluminium, nail, pipe, rope, electric wire, bamboo, veneer board, rubber, glass, tile, etc.