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Name: Allantoin

CAS: 97-59-6
Molecular Formular:C4H6N4O3
Molecular Weight:158.12

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Appearance white powder, odorless
Allantoin content % <=99
Nitrogen % 35-35.5
PH Value (0.5% water soln) 3.5-6.5
Loss on dry % <=0.2
Ash on Sulphate Acid % <0.1
Sulphate % <0.02
Heavy Metal (as Pb) % <0.001
Chloride % <0.004
Glycoluril % <0.2
Melting point 0C Decompose around 230
Density g/cc 0.7
Particle Diameter Screen ASTM140(0.1065m)
Screen ASTM270(0.0535m) 0.4%3.5%

Allantoin is a kind of white crystal with innocuity, no odor, no thrill and no irritability which shows itself as the single prism style or colorless crystalline powder when crystallizing in water. Melting pont is 226-2400C and can dissolve in hot water, hot mellow, watery sodium hydroxide solution , dissolve in the water and mellow with normal temperature slightly, hardly dissolve in the organic solvents such as aether and chloroform. Its saturated watery solution ( concentration is 0.6 % ) presents the slight acidity . PH value is 5.5 , stable in the watery solution with PH value 4-9, also stable in non-watery solvents and dry air , can be seethed in strong alkali solution and decompose by exposing to the sunlight .
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