Sell Alluminum Alloy Lined Carbon Fiber Wrapped Composite Cylinder

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Cylinder liners are made of high quality aluminum alloy 6061. The manufacturing procedure includes punching, drawing, heat treatment, CNC flow forming spinning, inner surface treatment etc. The wall thickness is uniform with difference. The shapes of shoulder and base are produced with high precision and consistency. Anodic oxidation treatment gives the inner surface better corrosion resistance performance. Cylinder winding layers are made of imported superior quality carbon fibers, epoxy and other materials and are manufactured through the procedures of CNC winding, high temperature curing etc.
Compared with metallic cylinders, our products have better comprehensive properties, such as higher working pressurem larger capacity, lower weight by 50%, better corrosion resistance, insulation performance, shock absorption and better safety. The cylinders can provide effective respiratory protection for the fireman or ambulanceman when they enter dangerous circumstances, such as smog, poison gas, dirt or lack of oxygen. Therirefore, it has various applications in the fire fighting, mining, chemical plant, metallurgy, petroleum industry, electric power supply, medical treatment, riot defense and other fields.
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