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Allyl alcohol


Chemical Formula: CH2=CHCH2OH

Physical Property: colorless transparent liquid, combustible, melting point: -129oC; boiling point 97.1oC flash point(28oC) : consistency(20oC)0.854, refraction:1.4135.

Uses: Propenol is the intermediate of pharmaceutical, pesticide and perfume. Its main derivatives and the uses are: used to synthesize epoxy chloropropane, glycerol,1,4-butanediol and allyl ketone, to produce plasticizer and engineering plastic and other important organic synthetic materials. Its carbonate can be used to produce optical resin, safe glass and display screen; its aether can be used as adhesion promoter for polymers.

Quality Index:

Item Index Test Method
Color and Lustre 20MAX DIN ISO 6271
Content 99.0PCT MIN. GC
Moisture 0.2PCT MAX DIN ISO 51777

Package and Storage: 170kg/ steel barrel , stored under normal temperature, sealed and keep away from open fire.
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