Sell Aloe Vera  Whole leaf Concentrate 10:1

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Procedure of the product processing: Select fresh aloe leaves; extract the juice by advanced technology; stabilize and degerm the juice at normal temperatures before concentrating and canning it. The product contains barbaloin, aloe polysaccharides, anthraquinone compounds, rutin, trace elements and many other active substances. It can be used as an ingredient for making cosmetics and sanitary products, or as a major raw material for manufacturing health articles with effects of enhancing human immunity, loosening bowels and relieving constipation, reducing blood fat and sugar, regulating blood pressure, nourishing liver and stomach, and moistening facial skin and removing specks.

The following products can be made with the whole leaf aloe juice:

Foods: 1. Health drinks; 2. Aloe drinks; 3. Health food; 4. Sports drinks.

Skin and hair articles: 1. Sunshine-protecting preparations; 2. Hand/skin liquid and gel; 3. Skin washing articles (moistening) ; 4. Shampoo/hair cream; 5. Perm liquid; 6. Hair shaving-removing agent; 7. Scurf-removing shampoo; 8. Hair-waving gel.

OTC Drugs: 1. Traditional analgesics; 2. Cortisone ointment; 3. First-aid spray/ointment/gel; 4. Acne removing preparation; 5. Tooth paste/mouth wash.

Direction: This product is a natural aloe preparation. It tends to darken in color after unpacking. A little quantity of sediment may occur after long storage. Keep it at normal temperatures to avoid oxidization. As no preservative was added, antiseptic measures should be taken for the product when unpacked.