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Aloe is a perennial fleshy plant belonging to the lily family. There are over 500 species under the aloe genus, some over 20m in height while others just 10cm tall for desk decoration. Aloe takes various shapes in growing with flowers in different colors and leaves with various features. These diversities enable aloe to serve various purposes of their growers so it is favored by many people. In English the nomenclature of this plant is Aloe, which was derived from the Arabic word ALLOEH, meaning bitter and lustrous.  Some of the aloe species are attractive in shape with thick leaves, serving multi-purposes such as medical treatment, beauty improving, health care and decoration. So many functions simply made aloe a mysterious plant. A review of aloes origin and history of application is necessary for us to better understand the plant. Of the 500 strong species, the ones with good effects include: Aloe Vera, Japanese Aloe Arborescens ,
Chinese Aloe