Sell Aloe extract(100x,200x powder, aloin(barbaloin)

Aloe extract(100x,200x powder, aloin(barbaloin) You May Also Be Interested In: aloe extract aloin barbaloin dried aloe vera freeze dried aloe vera
We could supply:
1.100:1,200:1 spray/freeze-dried aloe vera powder,
widely used in pharmaceutics, healthcare, cosmetics and food industry;
2. Aloin(barbaloin) -over 18%, widely used in pharmaceutics and health care industry.
Visual: Brown powder
Taste:Very bitter; moisture:Max.8%
Aloin Min.18%
Preservative Undetectable
Heavy Metals(ppm) Max 3ppm
Total Bacteria NMT 100/g
Yeast & Mold NMT10/g
Coliform Bacteria Group Negative

More details, samples and customization also available.
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