Sell Aloe vera herbal products

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We are one of the leading manufacturing and marketing Company of Aloe vera products, such as Aloe vera gel, aloe vera concentration, Aloe vera hair oil, Aloe vera shampoo, Aloe vera facial cream, Aloe vera faireness oil, Aloe vera toilet soaps 3varieties and Aloe vera soft drinks in 4 different flavours. Our products are Indian Government FPO Certified. Our plant is located in a hill side slope area in the middle of the 5000 acres cultivated Alovera field. So the process is done immediately after harvest and collection of the Alovera leafs. So there is no chance of decay of the gel.
We are ready to supply bulk quantity in mega container and in the required buyers company logo's name.

Aloe vera soft drinks are bottled in 4 flavours, mango, orange, pine apple and litchi. The contents is 300 ml. The packing bottle is manufactured to international standard. We can supply the aloe vera soft drink concentration and processed soft drink in bulk 25 litre packing also
Our Aloe vera juice is 99% concentrate and micro filtered with odourness and bitterness. On request specified colours and flavours can be added.

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