Sell Aloeswood oil(Agalloch oil) (eaglewood oil) (agarwood oil) (Pure oil)0006

Aloeswood oil(Agalloch oil) (eaglewood oil) (agarwood oil) (Pure oil)0006 You May Also Be Interested In: agarwood agarwood oil aloeswood oil eaglewood eaglewood oil
At Eden Botanicals we specialize in sourcing pure essential oils, absolutes and CO2 extracts and offer them to you at wholesale prices. We are very selective in the essential oils that we carry. Rather than trying to carry a large number of essential oils, we prefer to offer a moderate collection of really great oils. We only add on new essential oils when we can obtain a great quality oil that we can offer at a fair price. Eden Botanicals carries several specialty oils that are hard to find elsewhere. We guarantee all of our essential oils, and we offer great quality and fair pricing.

All of our essential oils, CO2 extracts and absolutes are available in sample sizes so that you can try them out before purchasing a large quantity. Our samples come in glass vials with applicator tops and hold about 1 ml, or .03 oz. For our precious oils such as agarwood, rose and jasmine, we offer tiny samples of just a few drops, and for our viscous, resin-like oils (benzoin, labdanum) the samples are about 1/4 oz.

These essential oils are perfect for using in essential oil diffusers, or for making your own aromatic blends, bath oils, cosmetics or massage oils. We recommend using these essential oils to make your own natural perfumes by adding them to our Amber Essence Oil (as a base oil) or to our organic carrier oils.

Essential oils are pure plant fragrances obtained most often by steam distillation. These are wonderful gifts of nature to be treasured and treated with respect. Some of the essential oils that we sell in bulk are ones that we purchase in large quantities for use in formulating our proprietary Essence Oil Blends.

All of our essential oils are pure, natural and undiluted. As such, they are quite strong and should be diluted before being used. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the safe use of essential oils and dilute them accordingly.