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Alpha Voice IC
The AM4FDxxxx series are very low cost midi & voice synthesizers with 4-bit microprocessor. They have various features including 4-bit ALU, ROM, RAM, I/O ports, timers, clock generator, MIDI and voice synthesizer, current D/A and PWM outputs, etc. The audio synthesizer contains eight channels. Furthermore, they consist of 60 instructions in these devices. With CMOS technology, halt and standby function can minimize power dissipation. Their architectures are similar to RISC, with two stages of instruction pipeline. Most of instructions are executed in a single cycle, except for few instructions that need two or three instruction cycles.

(1) Single power supply can operate from 2.4V to 5.5V at 8MHz, or from 3.6V to 5.5V at 16MHz.
(2) Program ROM can be up to 256k x 12-bit. (0000H~3FFFH, 4 banks)
(3) Data SRAM can be up to 448 x 4-bit. (20H~FFH, 2 pages)
(4) There are total 18 I/O pins, PRA/PRB/PRC/PRD and PRE[0,1]. Each pin of all ports can be wake-up port when they are configured as input or IO mode.
(5) There are two kinds of clock sources in the device of AM4F.
a) . Resistor mode (RM) .
b) . High frequency crystal mode (HM) .