Sell Alumina Grinding Ball and lining brick

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This product is a grinding body used in ball mill, pot mill, librating mill and other fine breaking plants. It has advantages of high hardness, high volumetric density and anticorrosion. With the smashing efficiency and scuff-resistance much better than that of common ball-stone or natural cobblestone, it is widely used in ceramics, glass, porcelain enamel, pigment, chemicals and other trade.

Specification :

Type 75 series 92 series 95 series
Composition of Al2O3 % 75 92 95
Bulk Density g/cm3 >=3.2 >=3.50 >=3.60
Water Absorption % <=0.02 <=0.01 <=0.01
Hardness Mohs 8 9 9
Compression strength Mpa >=1800 >=2000 >=2000
Colour Cream white White White
Equivalent wear resistance <=0.20 <=0.15 <=0.15
Available diameter mm X 30  X 60 X 20  X 60
Thickness of lining brick mm 50, 60, 70