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Hyper dispersant aluminate coupling agent F-3
Product Instruction
Products Brief
Goods as a result of the use of more carbon atoms have a certain steric hindrance to the side of the long-chain base, and by controlling a certain degree of polymerization intermediates, and the use of appropriate coordination group solutions of aluminum as a coupling agent acid and its derivatives in the synthesis of fat in the process of association of the problem, so that adaptation of the oligomeric products with appropriate molecular weight, more responsive to the characteristics of active groups. Its unique molecular structure with the resin material, in particular, polyolefin resins have excellent compatibility, as F-3 modified inorganic Yan, fill, not only has the high activity of the pro-oil and resin are hyper dispersant performance, can be increased to fill the volume of resin to reduce the amount of the CD, and enhance product performance, reduce production costs of the ideal effect.
Chemical structure
(C3H7O) x AL (OCOR1) m (OCOR2) n (OAB) y
Quality standard
Appearance: white or yellow translucent waxy solid
Thermal decomposition temperature:3100 Volatile (1300) :<=1.2%
Melting point:60~700 Impurities(10g) :<=1

Ultrafine applicable to various inorganic fillers and pigments on the surface activation. (calcium carbonate, talc, glass fiber, wood powder, titanium dioxide, cabon black etc. )
Apply to the production of polyolefins filler. (Masterbatch of PE, PP, PM)
Apply to rubber and rubber blends the filler material surface modification.
Usage and dosage
Pretreatment method: Coupling agent of measurement are in batches or group into the high-speed mixer, after fillers dry and preheating temperature,110 to 1300, and remove moisture. Then speed mixer about 5min and rapid cooling.
Direct method: Coupling agent which can put into high-speed mixer directly, if fillers water less than 0.5%. Filler, coupling agent and small amount of plasticizer be injected firstly, and then inject other component, and mixer in accordance with technology.
Other usage: According to the actual situation, usage can inject solvent and other aids are used.
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Available Colors
light yellow
0.058 CBM
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