Sell Aluminate coupling agent

Aluminate coupling agent
Wood-plastic additives
Product introduction
SQYS coupling agent is Jiashitai in Chongqing Institute of Applied plastic materials modified by long-term research, has developed a new type of functional coupling agent. Unique properties, especially for high water content and a large number of hydroxy-containing powder surface modification, can handle dry and wet powder of inorganic material.
Models, characters, dosage and application
Models Appearance Usage Dosag (%) Application
ZF-101 White waxy solid Dry 0.5-2 Heavy calcium carbonate, wood (bamboo) powder, starch, Sodium Sulfate, calcium oxide, light calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, such as aluminum hydroxide.
This product is a result of three-dimensional network structure contains a group of parents, there is a good stability against hydrolysis. Can dissolve in water, can dissolve in organic solvents. Of inorganic powders and organic materials have a strong interface adhesion. Both for dry processing, wet processing can also be used for powders with low moisture content also modified the effect of coupling.
Of high moisture content and a large number of hydroxy-containing powder has good compatibility and dispersion can significantly reduce the viscosity of filler system to improve the mechanical properties of composite materials and processing performance.
When used in a transparent masterbatch, transparent masterbatch can enhance transparency and in the products of mechanical strength.
Masterbatch for the moisture absorption can increase the dispersion, reduction or removal of products, and marks the surface of spent grain points.
For the heavy calcium carbonate, talc, barite, calcium sulfate anhydrous when Masterbatch, Masterbatch make a translucent or transparent.
Dry processing
Pretreatment method: high-speed mixer in powder mixing by adding coupling agents are not subject to restrictions under the expected temperature, activation time greater than 5 minutes to the expected temperature of 120-140 C appropriate.
Direct modification method: in plastic, rubber products, such as the production process can be mixing in the filler and the polymer coupling agent when adding the order of the first filler, coupling agent and a small amount of plasticizers, lubricants, antioxidants, etc. organic additives, and then adding an organic polymer to form a composite material.
In the paint, ink, pigment production can be directly used as a dispersant.
Wet processing
The measurement of the coupling agent in the container by adding 8-10 times the uniform mixing of water (preferably water temperature 40-60 C) .
Will the preparation of a good coupling agent in aqueous solution under stirring slurry fully (> 30min) modified drying dehydration.
Then the measurement can also be the coupling agent (usually by dry powder of 0.1-0.3%) in the second dry before spraying on the powder, the dynamics of cyclones, such as dry, so as to achieve full activation of the effect.
Technology can also be based on the measurement of the coupling agent and then dried in powder packaging before spraying on the powder surface after mixing or mixed to increase the effect of modification.