Sell Aluminium Ingot of the mark A5N; high purity :99.9996 % wt

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High purirty Aluminium Ingot(AL 99.9996 %) Origin is TACHIKISTAN.
Dear Sirs,
We are offering aluminium of the mark A5N in ingot high purity :99.9996 % wt on constant basis which is radiologically safe. The total radioactivity is no more than 2.10-10 CU/g.
Except H, C, N, O, impurities is no more than 0.0004 % wt.
Size : 3 different kind of ingot;
-1 kg. Dia 10 cm. Length 11 cm tol. (+/-) 10 pct.
-2 kg. Dia 10 cm. Length 21 cm tol. (+/-) 10 pct.
-5 kg. Dia 10 cm. Length 52 cm tol. (+/-) 10 pct.
Quantity : Total 10.800 Kg (+/ 100 kg tolerance)
Packing : Each piece wrapped by shrink and covered paper and put in wooden cases. Each of them 50 kg (+/- 10 pct tolerance)
Certificates exist.
It is ready to be delivered and all documents for export are ready too.
The price is 950 US per 1 kg.
Yours Faithfully,
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Minimum Order Quantity
10800 KG.
Terms of Payment