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Product Description
Aluminium Magnesium Alloy Wire

DIA. 0.10-7.3MM
Elongation rate 12%
Intensity strength 285

Storage and transportation: The aluminum-magnesium alloy wire should be stored in dry and clean warehouse avoiding 37C heat source, according to GB3199;

Usage: Used for waterproof layer and shielded layer
Product name: Aluminum Magnesium Alloy wires 5154
Model: Dia. 0.8mm, Dia. 1.17mm, Dia. 2.3mm
After re-drawing, this product is used for coaxial cable braiding.

Standard: DIA. ,0.10-7.3MM
Productivity: 360km/month
Origin: Hangzhou, China
Packing: full box or wooden drum
Min. Order: 30km
Transportation: By customer