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1) The adoption of European-style aluminum fins in radiator complies with the long-winged design in fluid mechanics
2) The special aluminum alloy has good thermal conductivity and is
capable of producing heat under max power output
3) Process of degreasing and oxidation of radiator surface prior to
spray painting, which ensures that the paint will not fall off
4) The water chamber is twice treated against corrosion to ensure it
is corrosion-proof while operating in pH<12 water
5) The complete test method, including 1.6Mpa hydro test and alternating cold and heat test under the pressure for the individual fin and for the fin group is a good guarantee of the safety and reliability of products.

Take Size 45 for example:
HR 138/W; HR=Heat releasing (per piece)
HA 1.7/m2; HA=Heat area
Totallength 406/mm;
CCS 350/mm; CCS=Centre-to centre
Thickness 75/mm;
Width 80/mm.

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