Sell Aluminium foil laminated with paper

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The main products we are available to be exported now are Aluminum Foil Laminated products such as Aluminum Foil laminated with paper, Aluminium Foil Lamilated with polyester , Matellized Polyester Film and so on .
Our products are widely used in the fields of food container, dried food, puffed food, daily chemicals, meat products, frozen freshness food, ultralow temperature frozen food, high temperature sterilized food, long-term food etc. .
Feature :
1) non-poisonous
2) odorless
3) excellent tight performance and very easy peel
4) super damp-proof function
5) environmental protection material and can be recycled
Our products are exported to many countries, especially Asia countries, USA, Canada, and euroupean countries, etc. Our products are sold well in the international market because of its good quality and best prices.
If you are interested in it, pls feel it free to contact us, so that we can send you the best prices and more details about our products for your refferance.