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Aluminium oxide is an electrical insulator but has a relatively high thermal conductivity (40 W/mK) . In its most commonly occurring crystalline form, called corundum or (Alpha) -aluminium oxide, its hardness makes it suitable for use as an abrasive and as a component in cutting tools.
1. Annual world production of alumina is approximately 45 million tonnes, over 90% of which is used in the manufacture of aluminum metal. [4]. The major uses of speciality aluminium oxides are in refractories, ceramics, and polishing and abrasive applications. Large tonnages are also used in the manufacture of zeolites, coating titania pigments, and as a fire retardant/smoke suppressant.
2. Alumina is a medium for chemical chromatography, available in basic (pH 9.5) , acidic (pH 4.5 when in water) and neutral formulation