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1. The material structure of Yuanhong (PVDF ACP)
Front aluminum sheet: superior durable
fluoride carbon (PVDF) coating over
70%, satisfied with the quality index
of KYNAR 500.
Core plastic board: low density polyethylene
without toxicity
Back aluminum sheet: coated with chrome
alloy or polyester

2. The standard specification of Yuanhong
Thickness (T) : 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm
Width (W) : 1220 mm, 1350 mm
Length (L) : 2440 mm(Other lengths are
available upon
clients' requests. )

3. Dimension division
Width: 1 2 mm
Length: 1 3 mm
Thickness: 1 0.2 mm

4. Gloss
Metallic colors: silver, champagne metallic,
gold metallic, etc.
Nonmetallic colors: cream-colored, white,
red, blue, green, etc. (Other
colors are available upon
clients' demands. )

5. The characteristics of Yuanhong
(1) Even coating, various colors, excellent
peeling strength
(2) Superior weather resistance
(3) Outstanding fireproof characteristics
(Grade B1)
(4) Shockproof and dampproof reduction of 25db
(5) Easy to clean and maintain
(6) Easy to process and install

6. The applications of Yuanhong
(1) Cladding for interior and exterior walls
of buildings
(2) Decoration of exhibition center
(3) Billboard
(4) Buildings needing to prevent heat, sound
and shock
(5) Damp bathing pools, washing rooms and
poorly equipped houses
(6) Using for industrial material and
decoration for vehicles

7. The characteristics and advantages of Yuanhong
(1) Various practicality and applications
Yuanhong advanced aluminum-plastic
composite panel is easy to cut, curve,
punch, and install simply with tools and
machinery for timber and metal sheets.
To meet building designers special
requirements in building design Yuanhong
comes in not only different sizes, but
also various colors and shapes of flat
or curved surface. Yuanhong can still
keeps flat after processing and
installation. So its uses in various
building applications.
Besides, Yuanhong has excellent panel
strength, flatness and easy processing
and installation. So besides being used
in building field its also used for
advertising board. Light box, rainproof
canopy, column cover, handrail elevator
cover, dustless room, lift box and
vehicle body, etc. This provides that
Yanhong can be used other application
fields successfully.
(2) Safety and weather resistance
Yuanhong advanced aluminum-plastic
composite panel has passed the national
testing techniques for building
materials. Its superior to the quality
index of the national standard. And its
regarded as one of the best building
Yuanhong features extreme rigidity and
flatness, excellent strength, good
soundproof and heatproof
characteristics, good impact and wetness
resistance, good anticorrosion. The
color lasts long. It will not be damaged
when its suffered
from dust, acid rain, ultraviolet
radiation, strong wind and sand.
(3) Easy cleaning and maintenance
Yuanhong advanced aluminum-plastic
composite panel only needs soft
detergent and water to clean the surface
with sponge or a soft brush. The times
of cleaning depends in the place and
weather. Our advice is one or two times
every year.
ATTENTIONS: Please dont use strong acid or
alkali in cleaning. To avoid scratching
the surface by sand or dust during
brushing, please wash the surface with
water first. To make sure the detergent
does not harm the coating, please test
it on a small area of surface before
using it for the whole.
(4) Recyclable and reusing
Nowadays the whole world focuses on the
environment protecting. Resource
recycling and reusing has become one of
the things people care about most.
Yuanhong products are a kind of fully
recyclable and reusable green building

8. Quality control
(1) Yuanhong products quality control is
carried out in accordance with SUNTIDE
Co. , Ltd. Standard and the DIN, EN*,
ECCA**, ASTM*** and BS standards.
(2) *EN standard of Europe
(3) **ECCA standard of the European Coil-
coating Associations, Brussels. The
members of their associations are
committed to guaranteeing a constant and
uniformly high quality level for pre-
coated material.
(4) ***ASTM standard of American Materials
Testing Academy.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
2,000 SQM / day
Available Colors
Ivory White<PVDF>
Condition of Goods
1220W2440W4.0 mm
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
15 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
1,000 SQM
Patents or Trademarks
Terms of Payment
L/C at sight, T/T
Terms of Sale
FOB Shenzhen, CIF
Warranty Coverage
20 years
5.5 kg / SQM