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--- Aluminum Composite Panel ---

Aluminum Composite Panel is made of the aluminum panel and polyethylene, the surface is painted with fluorocarbon resin and looks noble, elegant and beautiful. It widely uses in the wall system, advertisement and decoration.

1. Material:
- Front: aluminum sheet coated with PVDF and polyester.
- Core: polyethylene.
- Back: aluminum sheet coated with polyester.
2. Superior weather, corrosion, pollutant resistance.
3. Flat, smooth and coated surface.
4. Light weight.
5. Easy installation and maintenance.
6. Excellent heat and sound insulation.
7. Fireproof.
8. Corrosion resistance.
9. Super peeling strength.
10. Impact resistance.

Used in external walls, curtain boards, roofs, private rooms, internal decoration, frame indicating signs, display racks, advertising boards, old building renovation, and elevator wainscots.

Aluminum thickness (mm) : 0.12 / 0.15 / 0.18 / 0.21 / 0.30 / 0.40 / 0.45 / 0.50
Panel thickness (mm) : 3, 4
Dimensions of standard panel (mm) : 1220 x 2440, 1500 x 3000

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Brand Name
Supply Capacity
180000 sq.m each month
Condition of Goods
Minimum Order Quantity
150 sq.m