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The product is a brand-new environmental friendly thermal insulation material. It made from Aluminum foil and LDPE, processed by special machines. Its heat transfer forms are mainly three types: radiation, conduction, and convection. This new insulation material has not only solved the uncomfortable to the human body and the harm to environment caused by the former glass fiber insulation material and spongy kind insulation material. Moreover, it can also keep the ultraviolet radiation out of rooms, which could easily penetrates ordinary thermal insulation material such as the iron sheet, the concretes, the lumber and so on. We researches and develops this product based on the combination polyethylene and aluminum foil which has the characteristic of heat and light reflecting . This bubble laminated aluminum foil insulation material provides excellent isolation, thermal reflection, heat insulation and anti-radiation function. All these functions enable the product can be used in house construction area (roof, wall and floor) , so as to reach moisture-proof, heat preservation and energy conservation purpose etc.
It is an economical solution for a wide range of industrial, manufacturing and consumer applications, such as for industrial sheds, commercial buildings, home insulation, under wood or laminated flooring, roof insulation, carpet underlay, pipe and vent-pipe jacket and construction.
1) Tasteless and non-toxic.
2) Clean, thin and lightweight.
3) Outstanding safety and environmental benefits.
4) Moisture-proof, heat preservation and energy conservation.
5) Easy to install, high efficiency.
6) Cost-effective and versatile.
1) AL / bubble / AL ( bubble: ": 10mm, H: 4 MM ) .
2) AL / bubble / AL ( bubble: ": 10mm, H: 2.5MM ) .
3) AL / bubble / white PE anti-flaming sheet ( bubble: ": 10mm, H: 4 MM ) .
4) AL / bubble / white PE anti-flaming sheet ( bubble: ": 10mm, H: 2.5MM ) .
5) AL / bubble + bubble / AL ( bubble: ": 10mm, H: 4 MM ) .
6) AL / bubble + bubble / AL ( bubble: ": 10mm, H: 2.5MM ) .
7) AL / white anti flaming bubble / AL with blue color ( bubble: ": 20mm, H: 7MM ) .
8) AL / white anti flaming bubble / woven cloth /AL ( bubble: ": 20mm, H: 7MM ) .
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