Sell Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

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Aluminum Honeycomb Composite Material has following structure and per formance:
1. Sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation: the honeycomb itself doesnt possess the capability of sound insulation and heat insulation, but the structure of honeycomb sandwich possesses very good capability of sound insulation and heat insulation.
2. Fireproofing: after testing and authenticating by the National Center for Quality Supervision and Testing of Fireproofing Building Materials, various performance indexes of the materials are all conformed to the regulations and requirements of flame-resisting material. The flame-resisting feature of the materials is up to level GB-8624-B1 according to the national standard GB-8624-1997.
3. Excellent flatness and rigidity: because the honeycomb core is under stress vertically, every board is with incalculable fixed honeycombs and will not produce moving, so the board will be very stable and keep its form unchangeable even if striking by outside force (such as typhoon etc. ) .
4. Light material and energy saving: the weight of aluminum honeycomb sandwich-core is only 1/5 as aluminum plate and 1/10 as steel plate but its with the same rigidity.
5. Environment protection: the material will not emit any gas material that is harmful to human health. Easy to clean and can be recycled.
6. Moisture-proof: the material will not absorb water. Its surface is applied filming technology. It will not change color for long. In the damp environment, the material will not be mildewed or distorted.
7. Antisepsis:after testing, the material dipped in 2%HCL solution for 24 hours without any change. The material dipped in Ca (OH) 2 saturated solution for 24 hours without any change.
8. Construction convenience:with the aluminum alloy keel, the installation will be convenient, fast, both saving time and labor; it can be installed, dismantled and transferred repeatedly.
9. Excellent shock-absorption performance:because of many dense honeycombs pinning against each other is just like many small I shape girders that can bear the pressure separately from various directions, so its with stronger antiseismic ability.
Standards and specifications of aluminum honeycomb panel:
Length: within 10000mm
Width: 1220mm or 1500mm
Thichness: 6.0mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm
For special requirements beyond these standard and specifications, we can discuss and decide with customer.