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Renoxbell Aluminum Honeycombed

Product performance:
As the environmental protection, energy conservation curtain wall materials. Rennoxbell-branded Aluminum Honeycombed plate is a full-aluminum structure and green energy-saved technical building materials, so being regarded as the best aluminum curtain wall materials in 21 century.
Light specific weight, high strength big rigidness, stable structure and excellent resistance to wind pressure.

Renoxbell aluminum honeycombed wall place is widely used in the outer wall decoration with light, high strength and big rigidness features. (Total thickness is 15mm, panel thickness is 1.0mm. the base plate thickness is 1.0mm, and the aluminum honeycombed plate is only weighted as 6kilos ) The honeycombed plate with an interlayer plate is only 1/5 of weight of the aluminum plate of the same rigidness and 1/10 of that of the steet plate. The mutually connected honeycombed cores are just like numerous steel beams. Distributed and fixed within the whole plate. The shear force is not easy to produce in order to stabilize the plate and to enable its resistance to the wind pressure larger than that of the aluminum plastic plate and single aluminum plate. The product is not easy to deform with a good level and straight features and the straight and level degree can be achieved even if the latticing dimension of the honeycombed plate is large. So it is the first choice of the light materials.

Prominent performances of sound insulation, heat insulation, fire proofing and shock absorption.
Because the honeycombed composite plate is internally partitioned into many sealed chambers by the honeycombed cores. Stops the air current and baffles the heat and sound wave, the sound source of 100-3200HZ can be reduced to 20-30dB. The heat conduction coefficient can be 0.1040.130W/M. K, the energy absorption ability of the honeycombed plate up to 150-3500KJ/M, thus the product is an ideal energy-saved material. If it storms, the rain drips hit the single aluminum plate or the aluminum plastic plate to cause a strong noise, but the honeycombed pate avoids such cases.

Wonderful level surface with checkered colors
The honeycombed cores of different sizes have an extremely level and straight degree and the feature of being not easy to distort. The Renoxbell-branded aluminum honey combed curtain wall plate produced in our company importantly uses the continuous pre-rolling and coating technique to produce the fluorine-carbon pre-rolled coated aluminum plate; the aluminum plate is enameled in one time in order to ensure that there is no chromatic aberration for the product. Which has a good flow level for the coating and a reliable quality; can keep the clean and bright appearance for the building for a long time, has a good adhesive force and resistance to weather, thus being premium materials recognized by the world architectural personnel.

Strong decorative features, convenient and fast installation
The base plate of the honeycombed plate can be used with different materials based on the different demands, such as the aluminum plate. Stainless steel plate, color copper plate. Natural stone materials and so on. The honeycombed curtain wall plate is lathed into shape into shape in the numerical control processing center in the factory by cutting, grooving and edging procedures based on the on-site sizes. The product is produced wholly in the factory with the reliable quality, convenient and fast installation features.
Face plate (Al-PVDF) :0.5mm,1.0mm
Back plate(Al) :0.5mm,1.0mm

RENOXBELL has awarded such honors as ISO9001:2000 "and"ISO9000:2000"quality management system certification, Green Building Materials, Guangdong Province Famous Trade Mark, Project Listed in National Torch Program, China Famous and Quality Aluminum-Plasticized Composite Plate Brand, China Building Decoration Famous and Quality Brand. . . and the sales network of the company covers the big, middle and small cities in China.
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Alyoa Renoxbell
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10000Sequare Meters
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100Sequare Meters