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We are the biggest carbide and nitride nanopowders manufacturer in China. We use the plasma arc vapor synthesis method to produce nanopowders. We can supply aluminum nitride nanopowders in bulks with high purity and competitive price.

This product possesses hige purity, small and uniform article diameters, large specific surface area, high surface activity, low loose vices by using this powder, the sinter temperature is decreased and the device size stability is improved. These devices have high hardness, high modulus, very high dielectric properties, good oxidation-resistant property and low-thermal expansion efficient, which is approximate to that of Silicon. When the ALN powers is used to make composites its interface compatibleness is good. It can improve mechanical properties, thermal conductance and dielectric properties of composites.

Property Crystal Phase: Aln
Clore: Offwhite
Loose Lading Density: 0.12g/cm3
Specific Saface Area: >78m2/g
Crystal Phase: Hexagonal
Purity: 99. 0%
Dissociative Si: 0.2
Average Particle Diameter: <50
Effective Duration: 24 month

This product shoule be storedin the cool and dry rooms without solar light. The product cannot be in big compression. In the use process of Nano ALN powders, in order to avoid the powder aggregating caused by absorbing moistness and thus affecting application effects, the Nano ALN powder can be not exposed in air.
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