Sell Aluminum Nitride Powder

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(1) Circuit substrates of semiconductor modules and IC packages.
(2) Heat sink materials for power transistors, LDS and LEDS.
(3) Crucibles for molten metals, vacuum deposition and preparing single crystals.
(4) Window materials for infrared and radar applications.
(5) Electronic parts where electrical insulation and heat dissipation are required.
(6) Special refractory parts such as protective tubes.
(7) A wide range of industrial and structural products.

Aluminium Nitride
(1) High-thermal-conductivity ceramics
(2) Translucent ceramics
(3) Si-Al-O-N compounds
(4) High-temperature ceramic materials
(5) Additives in organic and inorganic compound

Basic properties of ALN Powder
Color Grey to White
Theoretical Density 3.26 g/cm3
Decomposing Point 2450 : C
Crystallography Hexagon
Thermal Conductivity (after sintering) 120  220 W/m. K
Dielectric Constant 8.0 - 9.0
Special Surface Area(m2/g) 2.3 - 3.0
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5 days
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