Sell Aluminum Plastic Composite Pipe Production Line

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We supply the aluminum plastic composite pipe extrusion line with the production of diameter 14 mm upto 63mm. Two forming and welding technology can be optional, butt welding and ultrasonic lapping welding.

Introduction of Pipes
The aluminum plastic pipe has many advantages due to its special structure.
; No rusting
; Well resist burning
; Little heat-losing and good heating preservation
; Well enduring chemistry
; No deposit
; Resisting corrosion
; Long lifespan and easy to distort
; Strongly resisting ageing

Introduction of Pipe Line

; Imported welder with TIG butt welding/ ultrasonic welder and roller type Al. tube ensure high productivity and perfect product in compliance with Ameriacan standard. Al-tape jointer , layer after extrusion with two welding torches guarantee easily changed die and a long time continuous production proccess with high quality product rate.

; High automation: the whole line adopts advantage of computer controlling system which provides a well human-machine interface and gives an automatic cloosed-loop control to the extrusion, haul-off, temperature and the diameter of pipe.

; Advanced and perfect detection system: laser diameter caliper, through the PCC system, the outer diameter of inner PE tube and that of the finished tube with an auto cloosed-loop control. The eddy fault detector and the jet printer detect the welding fault on the finished pipe automatically and correctly, which assures product quality.

; With original creation aluminum pipe figuration system and exact aluminum pipe sitting system. That ensure welding to process welding line extended stability and aluminum pipe finished product frankly.

; The line can produce PE-AL-PE composite pipe as well as PEX, PPB and PPR with changing relevant parts.
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