Sell Aluminum Rod Breakdown Machine

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Aluminum Rod Breakdown Machine is horizontal slip type tandem drawing of aluminum and alloy aluminum rod break down, finishing capstan separated driven for quick die change: Single step capstans 1 capstan with 1 passing die, replaceable tungsten carbide drawing rings long life for wearing.

The line is used to draw ordinary aluminum rod or aluminum alloy rod into wire. The drawing capstans are arranged in a line that are able to work continuously with drawing speed, mechanical parts and electrical control matching each other. It is easy to operate, easy to change dies without pause and to change spools automatically.

Main technical data
Max. Inlet diameter of aluminum rod: Φ 9.5mm
Outlet diameter of aluminum wire: Φ 1.8mm ~Φ 5.0mm
Max. Drawing speed: 25m/s
Diameter of drawing capstan: Φ 450mm
Max. Drawing pass: 13 Nos
Max. Length in wire accumulator: 6m
Take-up spool size: PND500-PND630
Main motor for drawing: 200KW(DC)
Motor for final capstan: 45KW(DC)