Sell Aluminum Sulfate (For Making Paper)

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Product Name: Aluminum Sulfate (for Making Paper)

Molecular Formula: Al2(SO4)3. XH2O

Properties: It is white or gray flake, particle or massive crystallization. Apt to cake after moisture absorption when laid in air for a long time. A little green because of Fe2+, yellow when Fe2+ is oxided to Fe3+. Soluble in water easily, and water solution is acid.

Use: Used with saponified rosin as paper strength enhancing binder to improve waterproof property. Also can be used in printing and dyeing, leather, color agentia and wood trust proof.

Packing: In 25kg or 50kg polypropylene bags with inner PE. (or according to the requirement of customer)

Size: Can according to the requirement of customer.

Items Results (First Grade)
Al2O3: % >=16
Fe: % <=0.5
Water insoluble: % <=0.10
PH(1% water solution) : >=3.0