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We are the first company to provide the aluminum foil container making machine and moulds in China on 2002 !
The HDHALCH Alu-foil container making machine is the perfect way to manufacture Alu-foil containers, he can produce all kinds of container as you need, the container's quality accord to the International Environment Protect Standard. Our customers from Mainland, Middle East, USA, etc.

We have many types for you optional :
Type 1(common type) : HDHALCH-40 include: Automatic feeder(Optional) +automatic 40Ton press+great mould+simplify collector(optional) .
This type need 2 people to control , It's widely use to produce the common, small or low deepness(Deepness Max.80mm) containers, the Max. container size is 450*330mm ; the Slide block stroke is 180mm; the work plate dimension is 660*1000mm; total power:5.5kw; the stroke times is 40-75times/mint, have a higher efficiency and good quality ; total line size:5600*2200*2500mm; Net weight: 5,000kg.

Type2:HDHALCH-80 including Automatic feeder (Optional) +Automatic 80Ton press +great mould+simplify collector(optional) .
It's need 2 workers to control, widely used to produce the big size(Max.120mm) containers, Max. size is 550*450mm; the efficiency is 30-55 times/mint. ; the work plate dimension is 1000*1200mm; total power:14kw; total line size: 6000*2600*3500mm; Net weight:12, oookg .

We have the 40ton type,80ton type,100ton type, Common feeder , Embossing feeder , Common collector and Automatic collector for your optional!
The Embossing feeding machine is a nice design, it's a amphibious feeder, it could embossing the foil together feeding; and you can use it to feeding foil without embossing, just need to adjust the emboss unite, so easy !
The Auto collector machine is a part to auto collect the finished container, higher control system by Panasonic PLC, In China only HaiDeHua to make it, it's only need 1 people to control, all of the optional items just for you consider !
Our advantages of the container moulds are long shelf life, stable quality, high precision, and reasonable design. With such advantages, the mould could realize the process of cutting, forming, plugging and rolling of aluminum foil wares in one step.
We have Smooth wall container mould, common container mould, one cavity to 8 cavities mould to offer !

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