Sell Aluminum foil food container machine CTAC-63T

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Aluminum foil container machine CTAC-63T has been designed as an standard model for the production of aluminum food containers, dishes and trays. The working speed of production line CTAC-63T is 35 pcs/min (with one cavity mould) , and its speed cant be regulated
Aluminum foil container machine CTAC-63T is composed of the followings:
1. Decoiler (with an auto-lubricator)
2. Electrical control panel
3. Air output control equipment
4. 63 ton press
5. Mould
6. Conveyor
7. Collection desk

Main Features:
(1) This production line can work automatically. Worker control and regulate this production line through electric control equipment.
(2) The width of decoiler is about 520mm.
(3) The feeding system control feeding length and stepping by computer, which assure a high-precision steps.
(4) We can design and manufacture different machines on request. There is some difference in machines outer-apparance.
(5) The press may be equipped with single cavity or multi-cavity moulds for wrinkle-wall or smooth-wall container production.

The working flow of machine CTAC-63T:
Aluminum foil roll---decoiler---air output control equipment---63T press---mould---conveyor--- collection desk---packing