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Aluminum master alloys Use:
Aluminum master alloy is a traditional product mainly used to adjust composition of molten aluminum. It makes aluminum and some metal with high melting temperature combine into master alloy by melting method. The melting temperature of the master alloy decrease great, so that the metal can be molten into aluminum in the lower temperature, to adjust the content of the molten mass.

We can offer following with good quality and competitive prices:

1) Strontium metal: Sr 99.0% min; Ca 0.20%Max; Ba 0.30% min; Other impurities: 0.50% min; Package: 2.5kg/aluminum can, 50kg/steel drum

2) Aluminum master alloy:
a. Aluminum Strontium Alloy: --- AlSr10: Sr 9.0-11.0% Min; Fe 0.20% Max; Si 0.20% max; Form in Waffle, stick and ingot.
b. Aluminum Titanium Boron: --- AlTi5B1: Ti 5.0%; B 1.0%; Impurities: Fe 0.30%; Si: 0.20%; Cu: 0.02%; Mn: 0.02%; Form in Waffle, stick, ingot and coil.
c. Aluminum Titanium Alloy: --- AlTi10: Sr 9.0-11.0%; Impurities: Fe 0.30%; Si: 0.20%; Form in Waffle, ingot.
d. Aluminum Silicon Alloy: --- AlSi10, AlSi20, AlSi50
e. Aluminum Manganese Alloy:--- AlMn10, AlMn20

3) Aluminium alloy additives: Ti 75/80, Mn 75/80, Fe 75/80, Cr 75/80, Cu 75/80, balance aluminum or flux

4) Potassium salt: PAF etc.

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