Sell Aluminum removable partitions

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Producer: Sypla International B. V.
Self-supporting, non-load-bearing, demountable, fully relocatable partition, panelled to both sides, which can be used as a story-high system wall.

Vertically accented by an omega profile, snap fitted into a Telelux steel stud, to fix the panels. This omega is available in both a flat execution and with a 5 mm. wide, coloured insert strip.

- Boards, Gypsum panels with a thickness of 12,5 mm.
- Boards, Chipboard panels with a thickness of 12,5mm.
- Filling, Mineral wool with a thickness of 45mm.
- Studs, Vertical Telelux steel studs connected by a horizontal interim profile. This profile is also used to keep the exact dimensions. The studs and horizontal profiles are made of zinc electroplated steel.

Finishing: Panels.
- Gypsum panels faced with vinyl wall covering, which can be chosen from a wide range or to specification.
- Gypsum panels faced with a plastic overlay with a thickness of 0,4mm. , which can be chosen from a wide range.
- Chipboard panels faced with a plastic melamine, raw-mat structure, in any colour.
- Fabric, laminated or veneered panels to specification.

Finishing: Aluminium profiles.
- Anodised
- Powder coated in an extensive range of RAL colours as standard.

Wall thickness: 98mm.
Module width: < 1200mm. (centre to centre)
Element height: variable, to a maximum of 6000mm.

Other module sizes are available upon request.
Fire resistance solid partition (in minutes) : 30.
Stability and integrity: > 30 minutes, according to NEN 3884, DIN 4102, BS 476 part 22.

Sound insulation solid partition: Rw=45dB according to NEN 1070 and DIN 52210.
When the solid partition is constructed with a double plasterboard skin, the Rw will be 51dB.

Glazed modules:
- Single (flush) glazing or double glazing, thickness from 3 to 7mm. , placed in rubber gaskets.

Door modules:
- Radiused or squared profile with rubber gaskets to three sides and a minimu of three stainless steel split blade lift off hinges. This frame is suitable for a flush doorleaf.

Aesthetic and afficient solutions:
Sypla's Space Tech 98- and TecnoLine partition system offers versatile and individual solutions.
Due to its numerous options, the system can be used efficiently in almost any environment. Whether at a functional workstation, in a luxurious office or in industrial surroundings.
Its particulary slim profile, both horizontally and vertically, rounded or square doorframes and flexible corner pieces provide an aesthetic and stylish result.
Its high adaptability enables effective workspaces to be created, which guarantee optimal productivity and with attractive design, can make a significant contribution to a pleasant working envirionment.
Soundproofing and fire retardation characteristics comply with statutory regulations.

Custom-made floor plans, swiftly realised:
With its wide range of profiles, Space Tech 98 allows simple and complex floor plans to be realised quickly - thanks to reduced assembly times combined with minimal delivery times.
When the system was developed, focus was placed on ease of assembly and flexibility.
If required, the partition system can be deliverd ready-made from the factory, thereby saving costly assembly time.
Furthermore, the system can be altered quickly and easily at any time, without significant wastage