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Botanical name: Amaranthus caudatus L.
Family: Amaranthaceae

Is a grain originating in South America, where it was also domesticated.
It grown in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina because of the persistence of Andean farmers, and continues to be important because of its excellent nutritional quality. It is efficient at fixing carbon dioxide, does not have photorespiration and requires less water to produce the same amount of biomass as cereals

The grain's nutritional value is high and can be as much as to 12 to 16 percent protein, while the balance of amino acids is very good, with a fair proportion of these containing sulphur: lysine, methionine and cysteine It does not contain saponins or alkaloids and the leaves are edible. In the human diet it is preferably eaten split or after the split grain has been ground, giving a very agreeable flour.

The grain is also cooked whole. Over 50 ways of preparation are known: the leaves are eaten in salads and the grains are also used to make soups, custards, stews, desserts, drinks, bread and cakes.

Agro-industry makes flour which is used up to 20 percent as a wheat substitute in breadmaking. It is also used to make an instant chocolate powder, syrups and sweets.

Amaranthus Organic Cereal
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