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We are producers of Amazon Therapeutic Concentrated oils FOR COSMETIC COMPANIES.

They are widely used by leading global companies for the preparation of treatment cosmetic and medicinal preparations.

Our oils and butters:
Crabwood - Andiroba , Moriche Palm - Buriti, Brazilnut - Castanha, Passion Fruit - Maracuja, Pataua, Pracaxi, Copaiba, Ucuzba, Muru-muru, Cupuagu, Bacuri.

"Natural" cosmetics is not just helpful for improving the skin, but also for the treatment and prevention of various diseases and disorders of the skin and hair. Our components are made from natural resources such as vegetable oils, because they are simpler in its formulation and do not contain aggressive compounds as preservatives, additives, synthetic paraffin, alkalizing substances, salt (shampoo) , corticosteroids, etc.

Amazonian oilseed species and its Characteristics:
1) Andiroba
(Carapa guianensis) Contains limonoids (andirobina) and terpenes (meliacins) , acts as a repellent, fungicide and bactericide.
2) Cupuagu
(Theobroma grandiflorum) Possesses a high capacity to absorb water, 120% higher that than of lanolin, phytosterols (beta-sitosterol) , excellent emollient.
3) Buriti
(Mauritia flexuosa) Contains oleic acid (70%) , the beta-carotene concentration (118 mg/100 g of oil) is 20 times more than what is found in carrots.
4) Bacuri
(Platonia insignis) Contains the bioactive tripalmitin (50% to 55%) and palmitoleic acid (5%) .
5) Pracachy
(Pentaclethra macroloba) Contains behenic acid (19%) , six times higher than that of peanut oil.
6) Copamba
(Copaifera spp. ) Contains 72 sesquiterpenes (hydrocarbons) and 28 diterpenes (carboxylic acids) , is a natural anti-inflammatory, is twice as active against inflammation than Diclofenac Sodium.
7) Ucuuba
(Virola surinamensis) Melting point (530C) , replacement of animal tallow, contains 70% of trimeristin, contains 74% myristic acid.
8) Brazilnut
(Bertholletia excelsa) Contains selenium (126 ppm) , with antioxidant properties, contains 75% unsaturated fatty acids.
9) Tucumc
(Astrocaryum vulgare) Contains beta-carotene, 180 to 330 mg / 100g of oil contains 74% unsaturated fatty acids, rich in omega oils 3, 6 and 9.
10) Pataua
(Oenocarpus bataua) Rich in oleic acid (76%) , similar to olive oil (Olea europaea) , unsaturated fatty acids > 80%.
11) Murumuru
(Astrocaryum murumurz) Rich in lauric acid (47%) and myristic acid (26%) , melting point (32.5:C) .
12) Passion fruit
(Passiflora edulis)
Rich in linoleic acid (62%) .

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Amazon flora is extremely rich and diverse oilseeds, incomparable and unique. Presented by us Amazonian oil is fantastic potential for application in various fields: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, for preparation of functional foods.
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