Sell Amberine Capsule (Natural Ingredients) for Slimming.

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(registered name with the Ministry of Health)

Trade Name: Amberine Capsule

MOH Approval Code: 06021239T

Dosage & Directions for use: 350mg/capsule, take 2 capsules every morning before meal

Product Description:

With various natural plant extract including Polygonum multiflorum root, Ploygonatum sibiricum rhizome, Prunella vulgaris spike, Rheum plamatum root, Angelica dahurica root, Zea mays silk, Crataegus pinnatifida fruit and Cassia obtusifolia seed as major raw material, Kintop Capsule utilizes the latest theory of adipocytes/fat cells to activate the formation of adipose/fat cells, reconstruct new cellular structure, stimulate activity of lipase, accelerate lipid utilization by the generator of nutritional absorption and uptake, in order to achieve both slimming and body shaping effects to give you youthful, vigorous and graceful figure.


1. Imbalance Diet

With improved standard of life, most of our diet is maintained at high level of protein, fat and carbohydrate, excessive calorie and fat intake are accumulated in the body and leads to obesity.

2. Lack of Exercise

In a high tempo and busy lifestyle, we hardly have time to work out/exercise. Excessive calorie intake that are not utilize will be store as fat. Majority of our daily food intake are high in protein, fat and carbohydrate while the rests are highly refined and processed food, this will accelerates the fattening process.

3. Emotion And Stress

Stress from society, family and work may cause impairment of digestive system, reduced peristalsis, hormonal disorder and impaired excretory function. This results in obesity and even enhance premature aging.

When food intake exceeds energy expenditure, excess will be stored as fat in the body causing obesity. Years of researches showed that causes of obesity are complex, including genetic, neuroendocrinal factors, high calorie diet, sociocultural factors and metabolism disorder. Through thorough medical studies, experts believed that decrease of centre control system that controls the body weight may cause hormonal disturbance, dietary changes and abnormal metabolism thus resulting in obesity.

Summarizing the above views about the many causes of obesity, which is the actual cause? The question arouses much contemplation among scientists!



As human body enters the stag of adolescence, ovaries and testicles become functionally active and secrete large amount of sex hormones. Estrogen secretion affects on fats metabolism, it also induce fat formation beneath skin, and whilst testosterone enhances protein synthesis cause subsequent weight gain. Occurrence of overweight or obesity is possible if one doesnt keep control of his/her weight.


Lifestyles changes after marriage, people usually feel more comfortable and relax with the companion of their spouse, food tastes better and quality of sleep also improves. All these will easily lead to weight gain.


Over nutrition, decline in physical activities and increase in estrogen level induces fat storage which in turn to promote weight gain.


Tummy loosens afterbirth, elasticity declines and one has become more prone to fat accumulation. Afterbirth mums usually eat a lot to replenish their nutrients lost, however this will easily lead to diet imbalance. In addition, the increase in nutrients during lactation also cause obesity afterbirth.

Middle Age:

Hormonal level in middle aged group usually reaches a plateau and is well maintained, however drastic decrease in physical activities and diet imbalance will cause weight gain problem in many people.

Old Age:

As one approaches old age, pressure from work is omitted, having more time to relax, increase in sleep and over nourishment eventually causes weight gain.


1. Affect Lifespan

Morbidity and mortality risk of oncogenesis and cardio-cerebral disease increases with the severity of overweight/obesity problem. Statistic indicates that 1/3 of people with overweight problem are associates with shorten lifespan.

2. Impaired function of respiratory system

Obese are often associated with dyspnea (shortness of breath) and apnea (cessation of breathing) .

3. Lipodystrophy (disturbance of lipid metabolism) and glucoregulation disorder

Diabetes mellitus associated obesity is at 5 times higher risk of morbidity, prolonged metabolism disorders result in an increase rate of cardio-cerebral disease.

4. Disrupted blood circulation to heart and brain

Hypertension, arteriosclerosis and increased blood viscosity will cause impairment of cardiac and cerebral functions. Obesity is one of the important risk factors for all stated conditions.

5. Aggravated effects to hepatobiliary and urinary systems

More than half of obese patients have fatty liver, while morbidity of cholecystitis for obese males is 2 times higher than normal people while obese female it is 3 times higher. Hormonal imbalance, sexual dysfunction, impotence, decreased libido, irregular menstruation, infertility are commonly seen in obese people. They may also have difficulties to enjoy the quality of sex life due to excessive fates stored in the body.

6. Increased morbidity of oncogenesis and malignancy

Obesity is closely related to morbidity of many tumorigenesis. Clinical data shows that morbidity of malignancy is much higher in obese patients compared to those with normal body weight.

7. Profound effects to psychology and daily life

When obese undergo pathological changes, they may also develop psychological illnesses and subsequently affects their sociocultural skills. Whilst impaired movement cause by obesity bring various problems to daily life.


Recent market survey has discovered that 45% of people on diet have encountered the same problem of weight gaining instead of weight losing. Why this happens? Fats play vital roles in maintaining healthy and radiant skin, insulating body organs against shock, maintaining body temperature and promoting active cell functions. A layer of fates, known as subcutaneous fat is lined beneath the skin that helps to regulate optimal temperature for all organs in the body, hence people with more fats are more cold resistant that hose with less fats. Among all fats, large amount are being stored as a food reservoir. During fasting, body will induce signals that trigger breakdown of stored fate cells. However this doesnt involves complete breakdown of cells, the number of fat cells remain constant because only some of the cellular substance within the fat cell are broken down and they can be replenished later. This explains why weight rebound rebound occurs rapidly. Rebound cases usually happen on dieters who take appetite suppressive drugs that cause nutrition deficiency. Once these people resume normal diet, fat cells are replenished and rebound exerts.


Slimming Method
Adverse Effects

Have stimulatory actions on the central nervous system that suppress appetite

Over prolonged use in large dosage, insomnia, hallucination and depression will occur upon withdrawal, and lead to addiction.

Frequent urination will lead to dehydration causing transient weight loss

Does not burns fat, cause vomiting, dizziness, decreased blood pressure, weight rebound after cessation, may impair renal function in severe cases

Diarrhea on-and-off, reduced gastric acid, loss of appetite

Weight rebound after cessation, may cause anemia and gastrointestinal diseases if use frequently

Expensive high fibre food

Cause fullness sensation in stomach and intestines, thus no desire to eat

Despite less food intake, lake of essential nutrients needed by body causing nutritional deficiency


Surgically remove or suck excess fat from tummy, buttock and other body parts

Painful, possible rebound after surgery, costly

Stomach stapling
Reduce nutritional absorption causing rapid drop of body weight

May cause intestinal stone, urinary stone, arthritis, impaired liver function, alopecia, anemia

Dietary modification/


Diet sugar, slimming tea
Decreased appetite and calorie intake. Diarrhea on occasions

Cause nutritional deficiency, weakness, rebound of body weight after stopping it

Fat meat diet
Prone to acidosis, affect appetite, caloric intake reduced
Not suitable for everyone, cause nutritional deficiency, diarrhea and dehydration, increase plasma cholesterol

Liquid diet
Balanced content and easy to control
Alopecia, anemia and hypercholesterolemia, weight rebound after cessation

High protein diet and without rice or carbohydrate
Resistant to hunger, increases metabolic rate, able to reduce body weight

Increase burden of kidney, may easily cause osteoporosis and anemia


Sauna, low echo electron

Rapidly reduce excess weight

Not long lasting, dehydration, loss of electrolytes and muscle mass

Costly, not effective

Slimming belt
Sweating, dehydration
Able to reduce water content of fat cells, but no decomposition of fat


Slimming has always been the main research topic for scientists from Eastern and Western countries every year. The sales of slimming products in the United States is in a multi-billion figure, however, the global of obesity is growing two folds in every 5 years since the current methods of slimming are merely as follow:

Diarrhea: Involve loss of water content (dehydration) but not the fat

Inhibition: Is a disguised form of starvation, control the centre nervous system by medication

Alternative: By changing normal mechanisms to achieve slimming, lead the consumer into vicious cycle of slimming and rebound

On 23 Mac 2000, an international slimming convention held by World Heath Organization in Beijing has clearly proposed 4 main standards and 3 prohibitions of slimming:

4 Main Standards:

3 Prohibitions:

Can effectively reduce body fat without harming the muscle

No fasting

Achieve ideal slimming outcome without rebound

No rebound

No marked side effects and possibility of abuse

No diarrhea

Improve metabolism of obese

Since 1998, the group of medical experts of Hong Yang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. , China has conducted researches to find out new methods of slimming that do not affect dietary habit and with no side effects. After many years of meticulous study, they have successfully made a breakthrough in the obstacle of slimming by using the unique traditional medicinal theory cytology of fat cells to explain obesity.

Scientific test discovered that traditional Chinese medicines including Zea mays silk and Crataegus pinnatifida fruit contain 0.4% of active ingredients namely powerful slimming element and Crataegus pinnatifida. These materials can inhibit the activities of lipase to obstruct the breakdown of fats, reduce the permeability of the lymphatic ducts to decrease the absorption of fats and promote activities of glycerophosphoric acid oxidase to increase the burning of fats. It also increase peristalsis of the digestive system, excreting undigested fats and the metabolites from the body while improving the distribution of nutrients and optimizing the absorption and utilization of energy within the human body. This removes excessive fats from the waist, tummy, buttocks and thigh, while balancing the heat-producing cells and fat-storage cells in line with 4 main standards and 3 prohibitions proposed by the World Health Organization in laying down a new concept of slimming, to create slim and healthy figure.


Your body cells must gain complete balanced nutrient either to lose weight, to improve skin condition, to strengthen body or to obtain more energy. The cellular nutrition principle of Kintop Capsule aims to provide nutrients needed by the body to achieve the above purposes.

The body is at its best condition when all cells have acquired essential nutrients, therefore metabolism can be improved, immune system can be enhanced and all these result in easier and faster slimming. The body will be energized; hair and skin appear to shine radiantly. Weight control program of Kintop Capsule starts from every single cell to support your body health.

As quality of life being improved, many people are getting more concern with health maintenance and thus constantly supplement themselves with various vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B complex, vitamin C and beta-carotena.

With such a huge variety of vitamins and minerals, have you ever consider that whether all of them can be absorb by your body or what benefits do they bring to your body?

Science has taught us that maintenance of healthy cells require the absorption of completer balance nutrients because assimilation of one nutrient needs to be complemented with other types of nutrients. This means that firstly, cell needs all kind of nutrients (complete) ; secondly there must be a balance between the different types of nutrients, one nutrient should not be taken too much while the other is taken far too less than its requirement.


Our body is made up of nearly 60 trillions of cells and each cell can play its vital role. Damaged cells, pathological changes of cells and ageing of cells can impair normal functions of various organs in the body thus causing diseases and ageing. The activity and energy of cells are produced by mitochondria, a microstructure within cell (known as organelle) . A mitochondrion is protected by its own membrane, and each cell contains thousands of mitochondria. Intact and healthy mitochondrial membrane is the guarantee of energy for cells. Cell membrane and mitochondria are made of large amount of lipid substances, when these substances are too much they are easily attacked by free radicals and one will become obese; on the other hand, the lacking of these lipids makes one slim. Therefore medical studies named these as: heat-producing fat cells and fat-storage fat cells.

Kintop Capsule starts with cytology of fat cells in human body to remove free radicals rapidly, promote energy production by mitochondria, balance the heat-producing fat cells and fat-storage fat cells to achieve healthy and long-lasting slimming effect.


7 Inhibit the activity of lipase/fat enzymes, prevent the breakdown of fats into smaller particles that will easily absorbed by body

7 Reduce permeability of lymphatic ducts, thus reducing the absorption of fats

7 Promote activity of glycerophosphoric acid oxidase, thus increasing the decomposition of fats

7 Increase peristalsis of the digestive system, excrete fats in its original form as well as its metabolic products

7 Remove the source of obesity, balancing fats-storage fat cells and heat-producing fat cells

7 Improve skin elasticity, promote comprehensive metabolism

7 Skin does not become flabby or wrinkled after slimming, highly concentrated Chinese herbal preparation

7 No hormones, non-toxic and without side effects, 100% effective


Stage I: Detoxification stage, Kintop Capsule eliminates toxin within body, such as excessive free radicals found in cells

Stage II: Therapeutic stage, Kintop Capsule contains fat burning substances to promote smooth muscles of stomach to produce elasticity, when all excessive fats in the cell are burned, the cell returns to its normal size and normal metabolism

Stage III: Consolidation stage, you are in this stage when you gain normal weight, with further balancing of cells


Step I: Eliminate excess fat at waist and tummy

Step II: Eliminate excess fat at buttocks and thigh

Step III: Eliminate excess fat at shoulder


Process I: Kintop Capsule stimulates the activity of enzyme lipase in the body, accelerates burning of fat by the generator of cells  the mitochondrion, initiating the metabolism of fats within the body

Process II: Simultaneous with the above process, it removes toxins and excessive fats from the body through inhibiting the absorption of new fats

Process III: It change the activity of your fat cells through building up a new balance in fats-storage fat cells and heat-producing fat cells for the absorption and assimilation of nutrients while rejecting the absorption of excessive fats by the body

The three process above are all inter-linked, and according to clinical results, total observation of all the above processes must be done to guarantee non-rebound of body weight. This requires a continuous three month course. We have named Kintop Capsule because we want you to understand the 3 special effects of the product.


1. Why consuming Kintop Capsules slim quickly?

Kintop Capsules is known as the Slimming Angel and Body Shaper by uncountable users. The main reason is that it accelerates the decomposition of fats, decomposing them into cholic acid and excreting it out of the body. Simultaneously, it also inhibits the synthesis of fats. This is analogous to the sediments of a river which is constantly being dug and removed, and with no new sediments flowing above the river bed, the water will be clear, thus the slimming effect.

2. Why does Kintop Capsules only slim but does not affect the bustline?

Slimming is a consequences of fat decomposition. Firstly, the intestinal lipids (i. e. fats deposited on the wall of the large and small intestines) are decomposed. This is followed by fats in the tummy and fats under the skin, i. e. in the waist, buttocks, legs and lastly the breasts. When you have decomposed half of the fats in the several regions, your body weight would have reduced to an ideal weight.

3. Why the skin doesnt wrinkle after slimming with Kintop Capsule?

Wrinkles normally appear quickly after slimming which is why Kintop Capsule have given quick and necessary consideration to it. Kintop Capsule contain tanshinone which dilates micro-circulatory vessels and promotes growth of elastic fibres.

4. Why is Kintop Capsules suitable for both men and women, old and young?

Kintop Capsules are made of pure Chinese herbs without the addition of hormones, thus it does not affect the endocrine system. It also does not affect the metabolism and secretion of hormones and only acts on fats, making it suitable for use by men and women, old and young. It promote better health for men and women, old and young after consumption.

5. Can those suffering from hyperglycemia, hypertension, diabetes and asthma consume it?

Obesity will not only jeopardize ones health, its also the factor that cause the above stated ailments. Kintop Capsules do not post any side effects on the above ailments but they aid strongly in therapeutic effects. A clinical study in Chinese Food Toxicoloygy conducted showed that the consumption of Kintop Capsules was able to reduce hyperglycemia by as much as 30%, blood pressure 10% and blood glucose by approximately 20%, making it safe for consumption.

6. Why slimming rate varies among individuals?

As we all know, weight gains occurs at different stages in life under the influence of various factors. Kintop Capsule posts significant effects on weight gain problem cause by all reasons at any stage of life. Not all overweight individuals are regarded as fat as some do not have much fats found in their body, some individuals with slim waist and fit abs might have excessive fats concentrated in the buttock and thigh area, some of the weight gain problem are cause by heredity factors. The above illustrated cases may not show significant effects during the first month of administration but more prominent result will be observed in the second or third month.

7. Why there is no rebound effect after using slimming Kintop Capsule?

Medical research has discovered that fat cells are divided into fat storage-fat cells and heat producing-fat cells. Too many fat storage-fat cells cause obesity and over weight problems. Kintop Capsule not only burns off fats but it also reduces blood lipid and prevent fats deposition. Most importantly it balances both the activity of fat storage-fat cells and heat producing-fat cells while regulating metabolic functions at the same time. Thus, a person would no longer be obese again, even it ones body weight will increase, it is limited.

8. Why there is no rebound effect after using slimming Kintop Capsule?

Taking Kintop Capsule may cause one to experience oily stool defecation. This is normal reaction caused by the increased in both peristaltic movement and fats decomposition. Removal of oily stool will also promote the removal of accumulated toxins, thus achieving a dual action of slimming and detoxification. After certain period of regulation, excessive toxins would be removed and the peristaltic movement would be normalized, which then result in a slim figure with healthy bowel while higher energy level can also be achieved in this manner.

9. Should certain food be avoided while taking Kintop Capsule?

2 Kintop Capsules should be taken daily, best taken before breakfast in the morning, it may also be taken after food. It is not necessary to avoid food of any type because Kintop Capsule contains 100% natural herbal extracts that is similar to the food we consume in our daily meals. However it is advisable not to take Kintop Capsule with tea. Additional box of Kintop Capsule should be taken at half of the original dosage during the consolidation phase after ideal weight has been achieved.

10. What is slimming? Is that weight reduction?

Slimming involves the elimination of excessive body fats. Body weight is the total sum of water, protein, lipid, glucose, vitamins and minerals. Weight reduction is not an accurate indication to assess efficacy of slimming. Some slimming products claimed several kilograms of weight in one week which actually reduces the water and protein contents in body; this is not slimming in true context.

11. What is healthy slimming?

Healthy slimming can be achieved if the usage of slimming product causes no side effects. For example, if a slimming product causes dehydration, stimulation of sympathetic nerve or produces possible effects to body directly or indirectly, it is considered as unhealthy slimming.

12. What is the normal process of slimming?

Weight gain process does not happen spontaneously, fats accumulate slowly in our body, and hence the slimming process should take time to proceed, Simple test can be taken to measure body weight every morning as this will exclude the effects of daily water and food intake. Rapid weight loss usually occurs by losing water content with only small portion of fat lost. Medications can help to get rid of fats but also results in other side effects. Slimming is a relatively slow process; hence we cant assess the efficacy of slimming product based on weight lost measurement over short period of time.

13. Method of administration before and after slimming and things to take note

1. Maintain a regular diet during the course of slimming, with three meals a day and avoid junk food

2. Drink more water and eat more vegetables to avoid constipation

3. When ideal weight is achieved, continue taking the product for another one month for maintenance purpose. Reduce dosage to half of regular dosage during maintenance period

4. At the completion of the slimming course, it is more important to adopt a healthy dietary habits so as to maintain a balanced diet, with a good breakfast, filling lunch and light dinner.

14. Kintop Capsules are suitable for:

1. Those with body weight that exceeds the ideal range

2. Those who have tried other slimming methods without significant results or experienced weight rebound or those who have lost confidence in slimming products

3. Children who are fat due to imbalanced diets, must be of 12 years old and above

4. Obesity in women due to hormonal imbalance during adolescence, afterbirth or during menopause

5. White color workers are lack of physical activities are prone to weight gain or obesity

6. Those who fats distribution concentrated on the neck, arms, waist, tummy, buttocks and legs

7. Youths and the middle-aged who wish to prevent weight gain

8. Those suffering from obesity caused by hypertension, diabetes, cardiac ailments and cardiovascular diseases

9. Those suffering from obesity resulting in insomnia and loss of confidence
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