Sell Ambroxol Hcl

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CAS NO. 23828-92-4
Specification EP2001
Packing 25Kg/Drum

Appearance White or yellowish crystalline powder
Appearance of solution Not more intensely colored than the reference solution
a) UV Absorption 3.2-3.4 Ratio
b) IR Spectrum As stipulated
c) Thin layer chromatography As stipulated
d) Chloride test As stipulated
Related substances
a) Single impurity 0.1% Max.
b) Toatl impurity 0.3% Max.
M. P. 235-2400
Heavy metals 20ppm Max.
Loss on drying 0.5% Max.
Sulfated ash 0.1% Max.
PH (1% Aqueous solution) 4.5-6.0
Assay (Potentiometric titration) 689.0-101.0%