Sell Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor TM-2430

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Features Specifications:
Manufacturer: Japanese Love Andrew Corporation (A & D Company, Limited)
Technical level:
Japan's love Andrew Corporation set nearly 20 years of ambulatory blood pressure monitors in the development and production experience, using the latest technology, introduced the TM-2430 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring device, by the British Hypertension Society (BHS) validation of its accuracy A / A.
24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring device can help doctors diagnose the effectiveness of high blood pressure, eliminate false high blood pressure, white coat hypertension, effective development of treatment programs, tracking and evaluation of drug efficacy, a smooth blood pressure control of hypertensive patients.
Analysis of graphical software in chinese language can print a variety of report: circadian rhythm figure, HBI analysis chart, histogram, trends, related maps, etc.
Technical parameters and specifications:
* Measuring range:
Systolic blood pressure :60-280mmHg
Diastolic blood pressure :40-160mmHg
Pulse rate :30-200P / M
Pressure range :40-280mmHg
* Measurement Accuracy:
Pressure: + /-3mmHg
Pulse: + / -5%
* Safety System:
Of more than about 320mmHg pressure when the solenoid valve open; more than 330mmHg, the independent safety circuit exhaust.
* Weight: 215 grams (not including cuff)
* Dimensions: 72 (W) W 100 (H) W 27 (D) mm
* Operating Environment: +10 0 - +40 0, below 85% RH (room humidity)
* Storage Environment: -20 0 - +55 0, below 95% RH (room humidity)