Sell Ammonium acetate(medical use)

Ammonium acetate(medical use)
Ammonium acetate(medical use)
Molecular formula: CH3COONH4
Molecular weight: 77.08
CAS NO: 631-61-8
Quality index: Index name Index
Content(CH3COONH4) >=97.5%
Water-insoluble substance <=0.05%
Chloride(CL) <=0.005%
Sulphate(SO4) <=0.01%
Heavy metal(based on pb) <=0.005%
Iron(Fe) <=0.001%
PH value 6.5-7.3

Property: White triangular crystal, density: 1.17, melting point:1140C, soluble in water and ethanol.
Use: Used in chemical reagent, meat preservation, plating and medical industry etc. .
Packing: Plastic woven bag or paper carton with plastic lining, 25kg per bag.
Transport: Avoid impact or rain.
Storage: In cool. dry and airy place, avoid moisture.