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Ammonium polyphosphate(APP) is an excellent, high-efficiency and nontoxic inorganic flame retardant, used as the necessary flame-proof additive for all kinds of expanding-type flameproof paint and flame retardant products. The polymerization degree of our ammonium polyphosphate(APP) is higher than 50; the solubility in water is lower than 2g in every 100ml water.
Use :
1. used to prepare many kinds of high-efficiency expanding-type flameproof coating, the flameproof treatment for multistory building, ships, trains, cables, etc.
2. used in the flameproof treatment for woods, plywood, fiberboard, papers, fibers, etc.
3. used as the main flameproof additive for expanding-type flame retardant used in plastic, resin, rubber, etc.
4. make into powder extinguishing agent to be used in large-area outfire for forest, oil field and coal field, etc.

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