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Characteristic: Colorless monoclinic system sheet or column crystal , lustrousness. The melting point is approximately 1490. It is easily dissolved in the water, ethanol, methanol, pyridine and acetone. It si hardly dissolved in the chloroform, ethyl acetate. It presents the absorbent reaction when dissolved in the water. It produces red ferric rhodanate with molysite and does not react with ferrite. Under the daily function, it is the red solution. It will become the thiourea when the temperature rises to about 1400. It will decompose and produce ammonia, carbon bisulfide and hydrogen sulphide. It is easily deliquesced in the air so it should be sealed for storage.

Application: General: Mainly used in sectors of pharmaceuticals, pesticide, textile, electroplanting, photography, water tracer in oil fields , thinning agent, as intermadiate for metal thiocyanates etc.
Texeile: printing, dyeing and finishing operations accelerator in fixing baths.
Pesticide:raw material for the production a number of herbicides and fungicides.
Photography: stabilizer, accelerator, etc.
Metal finfshing:plating, flotation agent.
As intermediate for metal thiocyanates(NaSCN, KSCN, CuSCN, Ca(SCN)2 )

Paking: 25kg paper bags with polyethylene lining,40 bags per pallet
500kg big bags,2 bags per pallet solution, in buld tank-wagons or IBC containers
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