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Portable solar chargers convert sunlight into electricity using the Triple Junction Technology. They are extremely rugged, and their unique design makes them easy to carry and deploy.

Solar modules for remote applications must be tough, lightweight and easy to transport. Our portable chargers are designed for the challenge of the field. They provide power even with bullet holes or in partial shade. The portable solar charger can be dropped, stepped on, packed and re-deployed, and will continue to operate. Field-proven as dependable and easy to use for military units, trekkers, climbers and professional photographers depend on the portable solar charger for field communications, emergency power and battery maintenance.

The unique design of the product features a lightweight construction without glass or fragile crystalline to break, crack, or add on extra weight. The tough nylon fabric covering allows the unit to be folded to a convenient book size, for easy storage and transport.

" Lightweight & Flexible
" Folds to Book Size
" Virtually Unbreakable (No Glass)
" Shadow & High Heat Tolerant
" Delivers Up To 20% More Real Energy

 Battery Charging  Military Applications
 On Location Charging  For Photographers
 Hikers - Hunters  Climbers  Portable Power for Field Radios,
 Mobile Phones, MP3, MP4 or GPS  Emergency Power

MCP-Series: Solar Charger


The MCP solar chargers utilize the flexible amorphous silicon solar energy technology and can charge the mobile phone, MP3, MP4 and other electronic products by converting the solar energy into electric energy. They are beautiful, stylish, and practical.

The solar panel can absorb the sunlight and convert the solar energy into electric energy. Then it will charge the battery box on the back which can store the electric power. The battery can also be charged by the USB jack of PC or equipped vehicle power adapter. When the electric energy of the mobile phone or digital product exhaust, you can induct the electric energy of the battery container into the mobile phone or digital products. So you will no longer feel puzzled when the electricity of the mobile phone or the digital products exhaust.

There are many outstanding characteristics of the product such as safe, easy-to-carry, good-compatibility and large-capacity. So it can be used as a backup charger when you are on business, traveling or field operation.

Pmax of the solar panel : 1.35W (at AM 1.5, 1000W/m2, 250)
Operating voltage: 5V/5.7V
Charging current: 500mA
Output interface: Mini USB
Input interface: 3.6mm
Material: Fabric based + real leather (inside)
Size(Unfold) : 210W116W20 (mm)
Electric core: Polymer lithium battery
Discharging efficiency: >90%
The times can be used: >1000 times
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