Sell Amplifier HA 9860

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* With loudspeaker to control thrill

* With built-in automatic adjustable board to
control volume of sound for karaoke use

* With an apparatus up to karaoke efficiency

* With a 16-bit digital tuning control (+/- 4
degrees with difference 2.5 stages)

* 20-bit digital responsible board of subject

* Subject multifarious digital hi-fi with single-
plated set to ensure precision and reliability

* With remote wireless control to make
satisfactory drilling

* With many input sockets of sound equipment

* With outer equalized socket

* Perfect safe function of loudspeakers

* With 220V fan to ensure durable working

* Connectable to two groups for better effect in
using karaoke and a precise place setting

* Input sockets available in both front and back,
with easy installation and nice appearance

* Auto reset to the initial scale of master
volume at the moment of power-on