Sell Amplifier SA 3820

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* This product with its loudspeaker is of the
strongest resistance capacity for controlling
thrill sound.

* Installed inside an automatic adjustable board
to control volume of sound for karaoke.

* 20 bit digital responsible board of subject
degree makes songs more natural and richer in

* An all-new subject multifarious digital hi-fi
with single-plated set guarantees precision and

* Many input sockets of sound equipment and an
outer especial equalized socket.

* The 220V fan urges quick disappear of the warm
air in case this set is operated and meets the
needs of durable working.

* The design of the whole set accords with the
commercial needs of karaoke performance. Its
volume, its sound quality and effect are
adjusted in hiding and guarantee reliability of

* Automatically reset to the initial scale of
master volume at the time of poer-on.
Effectively avoid the speaker system to be