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A Petroleum Broker's Notebook is over 60 years of combined international oil marketing experience. Learn from our notes, our conversations, our experiences. From the phony, ridiculous import/export daisy chains to the real and competitive world of international oil product marketing. Topics include jet fuel, fuel oil, quantity risk minimization, naphtha, marketing traps, trade calculations, light cycle oil, crude oil, LC's vs. open line credit, fake oil offers, real oil offers, specifications vs. typical properties and much more. If you are new or just starting out, this book can be an excellent resource. A Petroleum Broker's Notebook has been purchased by such customers as:

Chevron U. S. A. Products Company

Fina Oil and Chemical Company

Huntway Refiing Company

OilTanking Houston

International Marine Fuels of San Francisco

Intergulf Fuels, Inc.

Kern Oil and Refining Company

Oman Refinery Company staff

Gary-Williams Energy Corporation

The Strategist-Singapore Oil Report

Chevron Chemical Company

PDO Oman

Bin Ham Oil Group

Tesoro Refining and Marketing Co.

Glencore Ltd.

as well as business people to complete laymen. Get your copy of "A Petroleum Broker's Notebook". For complete information and pricing, e-mail your inquiry.
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