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HYOND Anaerobic adhesives are primerless, fast curing with excellent gap-filling, chemical resistance and shock/vibration resistance. It's widely used in machine tools, pumps, compressors, presses, mounting bolts and gearboxes Anaerobic adhesives are perfect for threaded assemblies, curing in contact with metal in the absence of air. The threadlocker adhesive fills the entire air space between the threads, forcing out the air, so the threadlocker can bond to the metal and cure, creating a secure, unitized assembly that will not loosen. Also, the gap between the threa
Eds has been completely filled, thus sealing the assembly from moisture, and preventing rust and corrosion. Most threadlocking assemblies can be easily
Removed with standard hand tools, or by the application of heat. Cost savings are a major advantage of liquid threadlockers. With applications in Machine tools, presses, pumps, compressors, mounting bolts, gearboxes.
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