Sell Anaerobic Flange Sealants TS500 Series

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Tightsen anaerobic flange sealants are suitable for smaller gap applications and rigid metal-to- metal assemblies, such as transmission pans, flanges, and transmission case covers etc

High Temperature
For sealing rigid flanges, gaps fill up to 0.25mm.
The max operating temperature up to 2000, excellent solvent resistance.

General Purpose. Flexible adhesive layer after curing.
Gaps fill up to 0.25mm of rigid machined flanges

Especially for auluminum surface
Good flexility, excellent solvent resistance .
Easy to disassemble and clean.

Silicone flange sealants TS500 series
Tightsen silicone flange sealants are suitable for large gap applications and stamped metal assemblies where flanges flexing occur. Such as transmission pans, oil pans and various covers etc

RTV, excellent adhesion and weather resistance. White/clear.

RTV, flexible, elongate and excellent oil resistance, blue.
Gaps fill up to 6mm.

RTV, excellent chemical and weather resistance, black.

RTV, excellent weather and medium resistance, clear.
Gaps fill up to 6mm.

RTV, high temperature resistance, red.
Gaps fill up to 6mm.

RTV, low odor, non-corrosive, low volatility.
Resistant to most chemicals and solvents , black.
For sealing combustion engine.
RTV, general purpose, oil resistance, non-corrosive, grey.